Monday, June 06, 2005

Ricky Swallow's I-Man

Ricky Swallow's I-Man prototype interested me in the arts section of the Telegraph on Saturday:

I-Man Prototype Posted by Hello

I-Man Skulls Posted by Hello

As an IPod owner I appreciate the vague satire; Apple has used a combination of aesthetics and technology to create not only a brand but a fashion label - clever marketing targeting not one but almost five senses (ISmell has a problematic name...). The skull brings together technology and medicine, not for therapy, but for a more sinister purpose. It reminds me of the skull of the terminator from the 1985 film.

The work is reviewed here, with some interesting comments on the significance of the skulls. Another comment by the curator of the original exhibition is here, relating to the idea that the piece represents the futility of attachment to material things.

Ricky Swallow's work from 2001 is featured at the Biennale in Venice this summer. There is further telegraph comment here.


Anonymous said...

its a pretty good theory who knows with tecnology these days apple might even be able to make an iMan

Anonymous said...

yeah interasting