Monday, April 24, 2006

Getting up to date

Regular readers will have noticed the increase in 'contributors' to this blog. This is a result, mainly, of persuading the annual fresh crop of 20-or-so (I so nearly said 'odd'!) students taking the Medical Humanities option at Imperial College to write for the blog. However, we've been privileged to be joined by Beth Williamson, art historian, whose contributions on art with medical connections have been fascinating. The blog's average daily hit rate has doubled recently, which is remarkable given that it's something of a specialism.

My Easter pledge is to try to be a bit more on the ball with notice of forthcoming events. This has been very ad hoc -- AJ and I have blogged things we've come across rather than attempting anything systematic. The results that it is often a bit last-minute. Tracking down events is time consuming and I may need to recruit volunteers to do the research from time to time. As a start in the right direction, I've added to the sidebar a link to 'Grand Rounds'. This is hosted by a different blog each week. You can view the archives here. Bloggers nominate postings from their own or others' blogs and they are all gathered together as a nominal 'best' of the week's medical blogs. It often makes very interesting reading. I'll be updating this link every week (circumstances permitting). I've also attempted a summary of the medical drama on TV. Much as I might like to, I don't watch all these shows (apart from Green Wing and ER), so please tell me if I miss a new series or a series ends and I don't notice.

This Medical Humanities blog has been running for just over a year. For a 'group blog' it is remarkably harmonious -- in fact there has never been a posting that has been anything less than supportive and positive. Thank you to everyone who reads and/or contributes, with special mention of AJ who has invested a lot of time, effort and enthusiasm.


aj said...

The sidebar is looking great, and the new contributions to the blog are really encouraging - but we need some more posts from the newbies - don't be shy!

I have to say I'm really enjoying the Green Wing. It's actually filmed at Northwick Park which for me adds to the crazy edge!

Happy First Birthday to the blog, well done to all for their contributions (Thanks Giskin!). I'm only sorry I haven't been able to contribute more recently - we are a bit behind and need to post about MurderBall and The Bell Jar. I also promise a review of Atul Gawande's Complications, just need to read a few psychiatry textbooks first!

Beth - perhaps you could join us at the next Purple Coat Club?

Ghost Writer said...

I agree Green Wing is just the best thing on television at the moment.

Thanks for the invitation to the Purple Coat Club AJ. I'll see if I can fit it in one month.

S said...

Agreed with both of you - 'Green Wing' is the best!

If only life imitated art, eh?