Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Donating for Davis; Korn frontman does ITP awareness

June is never a good month for me. Every announcement of exam timetabling has me wanting to kick the UMO after yet another clash with the Download Festival!

Whilst this year's Download was no less spectacular than that of previous years; (Alice In Chains provided an exceptional set) it wasn't quite the same for Bakersfield's finest. The mighty Korn found themselves performing with a series of equally-competent stand-in vocalists due to Jonathan Davis' exhaustion; reason unknown.

In a non-stereotypical turn of events, the reason for his absence turned out to be 'Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura', an ailment Davis has endeavoured to explain to followers on the band's official website.

Here's to hoping that the awareness Davis brings will translate into an increase in platelet donations; the National Blood Service has reported an annual 17% shrinkage in UK whole blood and component donations over the years. With demand quickly outstripping supply, there's no time like the present to get that all-important annual act of altruism in. Don't just stand there. Donate to be different.


Tamar said...


As a long-time ITPer, I just want to let you know that donating platelets, while a worthy act, does nothing for those with ITP. Our bodies have started creating antibodies to platelets, and if you transfuse platelets into our systems, they're killed as quickly as they're inserted.

I think it's great that Korn followers want to learn more about ITP now.

ZenCreations said...

I agree. It's great if people want to donate platelets, but for people like myself who have ITP, it does us no good. Spreading awareness of the disease and promoting research to find a cure or better treatment options is a better option. Http://www.pdsa.org

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with healthy people donating blood - even ITP-ers might need a blood transfusion at some point! Blood is needed for many other reasons.

Anonymous said...

My sons (who had ITP) doctor, said that if you needed platelets in an emergency, like after a car accident, it might help with the bleeding, although eventually, yes, they would be attacked by the immune system... So it never hurts to donate blood/platelets!!!