Saturday, August 12, 2006


Thanks to everyone who came along to discuss Ian McEwan's 'Saturday' on Thursday evening. The discussion, as usual, widened out to a very interesting purview of medicine in novels in general, went off on a tangent to discuss film versions of books, and also detoured into how honest medical students should be about practising on patients. As far as 'Saturday' was concerned, the consensus seemed to be that the level of research into neurosurgery was impressive but slightly ostentatious in the narrative, which some found irritating. Next month (Thursday 7 September) we'll be discussing 'The Moviegoer' by Percy Walker. Everyone welcome.

I've been abroad for a bit, so the TV and radio listings in the sidebar have been languishing, but they're now up to date. Of note is that it's 'memory month' on the BBC which means a swathe of radio and TV programmes are devoted to memory and it's problems. Full details here.

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