Saturday, January 06, 2007

A comic take on cancer?!

The rise of graphic art means cartoons for adults are back in fashion, more literally than most in the case of Maris Acocella Marchetto. A cartoonist for the New Yorker and New York Times, Marchetto has produced a book called Cancer Vixen in which she 'puts on her five-inch heels to kick cancer's butt'. An extract is in today's Guardian's magazine -- which includes a curiously unflattering wedding picture, considering Marchetto's status as arch-fashionista. The book is being made into a film starring Cate Blanchett. See here for an article from the Observer.

In June I reviewed Brian Fies's excellent Mom's Cancer here. It still gets my vote for top pathographic memoir around.

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Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a creative way of dealing with cancer. Humour, they say, is a powerful weapon, and this lady seems to have used it terribly well.

Can't imagine Galadriel doing The Devil Wears Prada though. I met ol' Cate last year when she was here filming the sequel to Elizabeth and boy, was she UP-tight.