Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Midsummer's Night Scream

You're unlikely to see a more curious juxtaposition of stilettoes, graffitied rubbish bags and stupendous paper modelling than those currently featuring in the ICSM Drama Society's production of 'My Parents the Eco-Warriors'. The play, by Martin Bailey and Richard Moss, is a loose yet recognisable rewrite of 'Midsummer's Night Dream'. What happens when a pharmaceutical developer turns bad? Why, unregulated clinical trials of love drugs of course! The resulting sexual shenanigans in the forest come as no surprise. Less predictable is the set-piece at the end of the show involving a full-on parody of 'Top Gun'.

The props, many of which were handcrafted, were impressive, if somewhat unevenly distributed amongst the cast. There was a mind-bogglingly well-fitted tool kit for anyone wanting to do a bit of DIY, but poor old Pooja had to mime cleaning the floor!

Delivered by a well-rehearsed and sizeable cast, there were plenty of laughs, particularly for the gender-bending fairies (played by -- I hope I've got this right -- Jamie Willson, Hisham Harb, James Corbert and Naren Govinderajah). Dominic Teichman playing Bottom had a big part (no pun intended!) and was either word perfect or a very good improviser. Ania Barling and Ciara Abbot's 'chavs' were scarily convincing. Ricky Stanton as Swampy was hilarious with his Russell Brand accent and delivery. Taz Rashid as the Bollywood-wannabe Pooja showed real star quality -- watch out Meera Syal. It was obvious that the cast was having a complete blast and the enthusiasm was infectious.

The show runs until Friday 2 March, performances start at 7.30 pm in the Union, Beit Quad, South Kensington campus, Imperial College London. It costs £4 for Imperial students and £6 for other species.

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