Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tamzin Cuming has published an interesting piece about Keat's poem 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' in the British Medical Journal (subscription needed for the full text). Apologies for subjecting you to my holiday snaps (feel free to be 'sans merci'), but I did think of this poem a fortnight ago in Rome when we passed by the house where Keats died. I did not venture in -- or even any closer given the crowds. Also, having two children and a Grandma in tow, eager for the delights of the park at the top of the Spanish steps, was a disincentive, but I plan to visit it some day.

I can't resist plugging Keats House in Hampstead, London. This is a wonderful little museum in a beautiful setting and they have a good programme of events.


Diyana said...

Yes, I had the chance to read that too when I was quickly glancing through the printed journal. It's well-known that he had dabbled with Apothecary, though I see it as just a fact and not really a convincing description of who he really was. Like many other worthy discoveries, it takes a bit of imagination and some reading-between-the-lines to unearth something like this. Apparently Keats himself was unable to prevent Medicine from creeping into the crevices of his personal life - a fact that certainly describes us medical students quite well. :)

Been reading your blog from Down Under for more than 2 years; a fan nonetheless, keen on fighting the good fight of bridging the sciences with the humanities. Keep it up!

Giskin said...

Dear Diyana -- thanks for your message! We're always amazed to hear from people beyond our little community so it's lovely to hear from you. Are you involved in med hums yourself?

Diyana said...

G'day Giskin!

No, I'm not involved in it - though I would be ecstatic if we had something like this here.

A couple of years ago, my Professor back in pre-clinicals told me of a Medical Humanities society in Sydney University and urged me to consider membership. I googled it and found this instead.

Let's say that since then, I've still not joined the association (because it was merely a journal subscription..and I'm not willing to part with what little student income I have), I've tried to start a society like this in my medical school (without much success) and I'm still reading your blog.

Do come by and visit my blog! :)

Giskin said...

Hey Diyana. Would love to do that, but for some reason I get 'page not found' when I click on your name. Can you send me your URL?

Diyana said...

No problem! It's

See you there! :)

Giskin said...

Great blog, Diyana. You write really well. I've added you to our blog roll.