Friday, February 12, 2010

Bryan Charnley

Bryan Charnley was an artist and schizophrenic patient, he started the 'Self Portraits Series' in 1991 and was encouraged by a friend to keep a diary that explained the imagery of the portraits. You could call it an experiment of sorts as the series openly describes the graded sufferings he was oppressed by, as he struggled with his medication (see the enclosed linked for more information). The portraits describe his paranoia, depression, and psychosis accurately.

Brian Charnley in March 1991 at the beginning of the series.

3 Months later

18th of May 1991

13th of June 1991

There was no commentary for the penultimate and final portraits which do not even have faces on them, but this 'map' shows very well the paranoia Charnley was facing as he feels surrounded by enemies, despite 'Hope' being at the centre.

This final portrait was left on the easel in his studio where he committed suicide shortly after painting it.

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