Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Medfest 2012

News of a wonderful medically themed film festival touring the UK. This is the second year of the festival which aims to provoke debate on the ethics and politics of doctors on film. This year's theme is 'HealthScreen - understanding illness through film'. The first event is at Birmingham University on 7 February with 15 further events at medical schools around the UK. Education films, health information films and mainstream Hollywood movies will all be considered. Each event is free with no ticket required. Entry is on a first-come basis. More details here.


Rory Conn (MedFest Lead) said...

Thanks for posting about our film festival! Please spread the word amongst those you know.

Some of our panellists include BAFTA award winners, journalists, writers, film-makers, medical ethicists and top psychiatrists.

Did we mention each venue has a free wine and food reception?

Giskin said...

Hi Rory. I will try and persuade my entire class to come to the UCL one. Brian Glasser is the film man on our course and I see he is on your panel. Good luck with your festival.

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Most of each of our panellists include BAFTA prize winners, journalists, internet writers, film-makers, healthcare ethicists along with prime psychiatrists.