Monday, July 25, 2005

Designer Hearing Aids

It was a welcome break from my ironing pile and the overly addictive reports on the bombings on BBC News 24 to come across the feature on designer hearing aids.

Almost certainly the idea of a hearing aid conjures up to most an outdated chunk of formica displayed over the chest or cumbersomely behind the ear.

It will come as a refreshing surprise to many then to see the Hearwear exhibition at the V&A this week. There are a range of stylish designs, from the glasses that have a small protuberance on the arm to act as the hearing aid, to the noise-reducing-headphone style aid that mimic the latest fashion accessories to the iPod craze. Some of the designs can be seen here.

This is certainly an exciting development for the deaf, perhaps long overdue. I don't see the designer colostomy bag around the corner though...


Anjali said...

my brother wears hearing aids due to a late diagnosis of the rare condition of Biotin deficiency which sadly resulted in him becoming partialy deaf.

he would really appreciate these developments. he currently wear hearning aids whcih go completely into his ear with a very small wire antenna being the only part of hearing aid visible. for 4000 quid, surprisingly they're not available on NHS!

hopefull y in the future they can make cheap nice looking hearning aids. i remember his old ghastly massive over-the-ear hearing aids, apparently skin colour, but obviously they cater more for the caucasian rather than Indian skin!

hopefully this iPod and mobile phone ear pieces worn while driving will make hearing aids more subtle!

aj said...

Yes, i didn't really mention the bluetooth headsets. Seeing as its so commonplace to see people walking down the street with these futuristic earpieces, it must be rather nice for people who have to wear them due to hearing problems to feel less emcumbered and more like a trendsetter. The element of espionage is quite fun too!

Charlie Cory said...

Very 21st century, aren't they? I have had the good fortune to have never suffered from hearing disorders (that I am aware of). But with advancing age, and my increasing tendency to inch forward towards people to hear what that are saying (which must be very off putting), I fear I am delaying the inevitable.

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