Friday, July 01, 2005

Purple Coat Club news

At the last get-together we discussed Abraham Verghese's 'The Tennis Partner', which we all enjoyed reading. Some of the passages in the book about medicine rang very true to the medical students. We found the relationship between Verghese and David -- the intern he befriends -- slightly obsessive. We also and wondered how Verghese's family reacted to being written about so frankly, and whether it affected his children's perceptions of him.

We then went to view the 'Looking Aloud' exhibition. It was very gratifying to see the students' art properly displayed. Well done to all the students, and thanks to Mindy Lee, who runs the gallery, for working so hard to put it together.

The programme for the next few Purple Coat meetings is as follows:

26 July: reading 'Safelight' by Shannon Burke. I'm delighted that Tom Reynolds of Random Acts of Reality will be joining us to discuss this book.

30 August: watching 'Now, Voyager'

27 September: watching 'Brittania Hospital'

An outing is planning for October, and then Samuel Shem's 'House of God' is up for discussion towards the end of the year.

As usual, everyone is welcome. We meet in Mech Eng, Rm 311, Imperial College South Kensington campus at 19.30.

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