Thursday, September 22, 2005

Next Purple Coat Club meeting

There will be a screening of 'Now, Voyager' at 7.30 pm. Please note the change of venue: we'll be meeting in the MDL overflow room, level 1, Sir Alexander Fleming Building on the South Kensington Campus at Imperial College London. E-mail me if you need further directions.

Everyone is welcome -- there is no 'membership' as such. I received a very nice letter from Danny Abse giving me permission to reproduce on the blog the poem from which the Purple Coat Club takes its name:

Pythagoras’s song

by Dannie Abse

White coat and purple coat
a sleeve from both he sews.
That white is always stained with blood
that purple by the rose.

And phantom rose and blood most real
compose a hybrid style;
white coat and purple coat
few men can reconcile.

White coat and purple coat
can each be worn in turn
but in the white a man will freeze
and in the purple burn.

1 comment:

aj said...

It was Dannie Abse's birthday on Thursday - he is 82!

Can we put the poem in a sidebar? It's so nice, it would be a shame for it to get archived...