Friday, September 23, 2005


A writhing snake
Bucks and quivers,
Thrilling bliss.

Red splashes
And orange streaks
Are its markings
As it slithers into the incision
Stealthily, a clear, hungry belly.

Fluid slurped turbulently
Gushes through its coils
A hard greedy mouth
Becomes blocked by debris
Choking the hiss.

‘Suction please.’

Alex J Hamilton


Anna said...

I love it aj, we need more like this on the blog. It's good to know that there are other minds drifting in the theatre; seeing from another point that which we do...

Giskin said...

Fabulous poem, aj. Thanks for sharing!

Taz said...

aj this is great! Really powerful words you used that really capture your imagination and demand your attention. I agree with Anna, it's wonderful to see that people can analyse what can sometimes be a rather boring episode in theatre and transform it into art.

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