Thursday, October 27, 2005

Declaration of a Doctor

Read by all new doctors at the graduation yesterday:

Now, as a new doctor, I solemnly promise that I will to the best of my ability serve humanity; caring for the sick, preventing disease, promoting good health, and alleviating pain and suffering.

I recognise that the practice of medicine is a privelege with which comes considerable responsibility and I will not abuse my position.

I will practice medicine with integrity, humanity, honesty and compassion; working with my fellow doctors and other colleagues to meet the needs of my patients.

I shall never intentionally do or administer anything to the overall harm of my patients.

I will not permit considerations of gender, race, religion, politial affiliation, sexual orientation, nationality, or social standing to influence my duty of care.

I will oppose policies in breach of human rights and will not participate in them. I will strive to change laws that are contrary to my profession's ethics and will work towards a fairer distribution of health resources.

I will assist my patients to make informed decisions that coincide with their own values and beliefs and will uphold patient confidentiality.

I will recognise the limits of my knowledge and seek to maintain and increase my understanding and skills throughout my professional life. I will acknowledge and try to remedy my own mistakes and honestly assess and respond to those of others.

I will seek to promote the advancement of medical knowledge through teaching and research.

I make this declaration solemnly, freely and upon my honour.


Giskin said...

Does each student have to read this out or is it done en masse?

Justin said...

En masse. After the presentation of graduands, the newly-qualified doctors stand up and recite the Declaration led by someone (I'm not sure who) from the podium.

iserve pharmacy said...

This is perfect it's gratifying reading something like this because most of the Doctors don't care about the patients, for example one day I went to the Hospital and I had terrible stomachache and nobody wanted to assist me, Do you know how the final result was? appendicitis!