Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Purple Coat Club news

The Purple Coat Club meeting this month has been put back to Tuesday, 1 November, which means you have time still to read the book under discussion: 'The House of God' by Samuel Shem. It's the sort of book which will either delight or horrify you, and there is bound to be lively debate about the way in which it depicts the medical profession. So that's Tuesday, 1 November, 7.30 pm, in the Sir Alex Fleming building, Imperial College, the room ajoining MDL1. We'll combine it with a 'show and tell'. I intend to bring along a hysterical bedside routine from TV series, 'The Singing Detective'.

Then, AJ is organising a trip to see 'When You Cure Me' at the Bush Theatre in Shepherd's Bush on 22 November. Tickets are just £6 for students. A pre-theatre dinner is in the offing as well. E-mail AJ directly to put your name down.

We've realised that it is going to be a lot easier for students to come to the PCC if we have it at the beginning of the month rather than at the end when rotations are usually wrapping up and there are exams and such. So from next year, we'll be meeting on the first Thursday of every month rather than the last Tuesday. Please check the sidebar for dates and events.

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aj said...

Just to tease the palate, the pre-theatre menus available from the Bush Bar and Chez Kristof... (two great local restaurants)