Wednesday, November 30, 2005


ICSM Light Opera Society are proud to present this year's production of Oklahoma! There is a phenomenal amount of talent from the medical school in this musical featuring the directorial guidance of David Bonsall and Natasha Clunies-ross and the rest of the crew. The performances are from Monday 5th to Friday 9th December from 7pm at Wilson House, Paddington. Tickets are on sale now; there is a dedicated team on campus or email for reservations.

If anything, come and see me play a dodgy Persian peddler (I almost don't have to act!) and you can point and laugh. Plus you can join the cast afterwards for (a few) drinks in one of London's drinking establishments! What more could you want?


Giskin said...

Sounds wonderful! Good luck with this Taz. Oops -- I should have said 'break a leg' and hope that you all are up to scratch on your orthopaedics.

aj said...

A good fun show, gloriously camp, with strong performances from actors and singers alike!