Monday, March 13, 2006

RCOG - recurrent miscarriage

On Thursday 9th March I went to a Consumer's forum public lecture: Recurrent Miscarriage given by Professor Lesley Regan at the RCOG.

It was a captivating talk which was aimed at a wide audience. Prof Regan successfully managed to cover the basics of recurrent miscarriage - definition, causes, treatements etc as well as convey the psychological and physical trauma these women endure. She included lots of photos to emphasise the reality of the problem and kept it simple so everyone could understand.

Sadly the questions afterwards were mainly of a personal nature rather than general, there were lots of women in the audience who wanted their stories to be heard and Prof Regan stayed behind later to listen to those who were reticent.

It was an enlightening lecture and I highly recommend any future public events at RCOG.

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