Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Teaching of Edward - An Operetta in Four Parts

The Teaching of Edward - An Operetta in Four Parts

"The year is 1879. A new band master has just been appointed to the asylum.

His name is Edward Elgar.
Find out why asylums and music were never quite the same again..."

Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th March 2006

Drewe Lecture Theatre, Reynolds Building
Charing Cross Hospital

Tickets £7, ICSM students £5. Refreshments provided.
Tickets available on the door or contact 0207 386 1237 or

All profits from this production will be used to buy musical instruments in the development of music therapy for psychiatric patients in Lithuania where this operetta has already been performed.


Taz said...

I went to see The Teaching of Edward on its opening night. It was a charming production, eloquently introduced and superbly performed. While technically it was not the smoothest of productions, it was the enjoyment of all the cast members on stage that really came across and made the show. The plot is simple, as is the script, and it is this simplicity that makes the show so light-hearted. This also allowed an element of on-stage improvisation - something that the comical stars of the show Srjdan Saso and Cyrus Doctor took advantage of to the full!

I left the make-shift theatre with a huge smile, as did the rest of the audience. I only hope that Friday's performance is as innocent and endearing as Thursday's. Highly recommended!

aj said...

Great fun, mildly tongue in cheek, simple yet effective. The cast had a whale of a time and so did the audience. The therapeutic aspects remind me of this previous post -