Sunday, October 01, 2006

Exciting new blog on the scene

Daniel Goldberg from the University of Texas has started a new Stateside Medical Humanities blog. It's impressively scholarly with a range of useful resources in the sidebar. Take a look and be awed. It will include abstracts from the important medical humanities journals and has links to medical humanities programs at various academic institutions. Goldberg is also developing a lexicon which will be a useful touchstone for terminology. The blog is an important contribution to raising the profile of the discipline and deserves our support and participation.


Daniel Goldberg said...

Thank you for the words which are far too kind. I will endeavor to merit their praise.

One minor correction: I am a student at the University of Texas Medical Branch, which, while a part of the University of Texas system overall, is entirely separate from the University of Texas itself (which is located in Austin, Texas).

(American universities tend to have a highly embedded sense of hierarchy, one which I understand is less prevalent in UK universities).

But again, many thanks for the publicity and for the kind words.

Giskin said...

Thanks for seeing me right on that point!