Wednesday, March 14, 2007


You may remember me telling you about making new plays with almost a dozen surgeons - it's the first time professional London theatre has attempted such a collaboration. We open at The Old Operating Theatre, Britain's oldest operating theatre, in April. In the face of pressure from funders to make more art from science, we've decided to turn our venture on its head and launch with a debate at The Royal College of Surgeons (followed by a drinks party, natch) at 6.45 pm, 22nd March.

Aren't Science and Art different but equal? Does adding them up only dumb them down? Can the new medium of 'sci-art' produce high art or good science or weaklings that are neither? Author Don McRae ('Every Second Counts' is the story of the race for the first heart transplant), scientific playwright Jack Klaff, TLS editor Michael Caines and philospher Hilary Lawson will argue against the public, surgeons and artists. If you fancy adding your brain to the mix, get tickets at (EVENTS).

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