Monday, November 19, 2007

Review of Jonathon Kaplan's talk

Posted on behalf of Anjali Chandra:

I thought the talk was very enlightening. For me personally my family life was affected by the Gulf War so it was nice to medicalise it and see how Dr Kaplan and others helped out there.

He had lots of stories as you can imagine and most of the audience were non-medical students it seemed. The organiser seemed to be trying to glorify Dr Kaplan's career more than Dr Kaplan himself.

He was much more humble and explained the difficulty with adjusting back to life in UK after such missions.

It was funny to learn that in the UK he just locums as a surgeon and how he is happy that his career is now being made into a speciality that students can consider as a career option.

I appreciate that my take-home message was very different to others as the discussion in the pub afterwards revealed! Of course I bought both his books and got his autograph too!

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