Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CPS Open Seminars Series

Thought some of you might be interested in one or two of these seminars at Essex.

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies
Open Seminars Series 2007-8

The Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies (CPS) has offered a series of Open Seminars for many years. The seminars are open to all current and past students and staff of CPS, members of the University at any level, and scholars and mental health professionals in the locality.

The seminars take place on the third, sixth and ninth Wednesdays in Terms One and Two and Three in room 4N.6.1. Time: 5pm-6-30pm.

November 14th Dr Alan Cardew: 'Politics, Paranoia, and Psychoanalysis in the United States'

December 5th Dr John Walshe: 'Space, Communication and Therapy'

January 30th Dr Nikolai Sakharov: 'The Idea of Personhood in Modern Russian Thought'

February 20th Mrs Marie Bridge: 'Psychoanalysis and Literature'

March 12th Professor Martin Stanton: 'Alienation in Psychoanalytic Work'

May 7th Professor Rachel Blass: 'From Seduction Phantasy to Faith: Freud's Struggle with Doubt and Conviction in the Truth of his Ideas as the Grounds of a Psychoanalytic Approach to Knowledge'

May 28th Dr Mary James: 'Jean-Martin Charcot and the Art of the Clinic – A Visual Approach to the Study of Hysteria in Belle Epoque Paris

June 18th Professor Les Lancaster: 'Kabbalistic Psychology and the Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness'

For more information email cpsadmin@essex.ac.uk
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