Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marc Quinn's Evolution

At White Cube Mason's Yard Marc Quinn presents 'Evolution' a show that should be of interest to those reading this blog. The blurb from White Cube puts it like this: "a major new installation featuring a series of nine monumental sculptures, in fleshy pink marble, that represent the growth of the human embryo and foetus during its gestation. Quinn was prompted to make these works after witnessing the way many viewers reacted with repulsion to his series of figurative sculptures depicting people who are missing arms and legs. He felt the need to confront people with a direct portrayal of their own strange beginnings, the unsettling and barely recognisable shape taken by human life before birth. Developed from scans and factual photographs, these sculptures are biologically accurate but also bring to mind topical issues such as genetics and the manipulation of DNA. Each embryo or foetus appears as if it is emerging out of its raw material before our eyes, struggling in the manner of Michelangelo's Dying Slaves, sculpted in the 1520s for Pope Julius II's tomb in the Vatican. (A point Quinn emphasises by including a huge lump of untouched marble at one end of the gallery.) 'Evolution' illuminates the magical nature of human development and celebrates the emergence of life from matter, making visible what is hidden." Sounds amazing. If you manage to see it do post your thoughts here for everyone else.

Evolution runs at White Cube Mason's Yard from 25 January - 23 February 2008. It's open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

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