Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Constant Gardener

I saw this incredible film last Sunday, based on the novel by John Le Carre, directed by Fernando Meirelles (director of City of God), screenplay by Jeffrey Caine and starring Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weiss.

The broader theme of the film tackles the corruption surrounding drug company research, and more specifically the advantage-taking regarding health issues in Africa, especially concerning AIDS and TB.

Weiss plays the wife of a British diplomat who discovers some alarming evidence surrounding drug trials in Kenya. Her activism results in her brutal killing and her findings begin to unravel when her husband, played by Fiennes, investigates following her death.

This is a deeply sad film that encapsulates an extremely worrying issue. The acting is superb, with the two main characters bringing to life a beautiful relationship in truly convincing and natural way.

The film is thrilling and intense, but I am reluctant to give too much away in terms of the plot. Do go and see it on the big screen; the images of the south of Sudan and Kenya are breathtaking. An important film.

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Giskin said...

I saw this, and had been meaning to blog it. Thanks for your posting, aj. I agree, it's an important film. It puts the spotlight on the ethics of drug company tactics, and the dystopian scenario came across as frighteningly plausible. I predict a couple of Oscars for the performances. I hope this film stimulates closer scrutiny of pharmaceutical trials in developing countries.