Wednesday, December 21, 2005

No moans about the Hypochondriac

On Monday night I went to see The Hypochondriac, a farce written by Moliere written in the 17th century. It was excellent. Farce can be a bit dodgy, but I reckon they got it just right. There is plenty of potty humour but fine performances and a degree of restraint in the interpretation meant that it never degenerated into slapstick. The play pokes fun at the medical profession. Argan (the hypochondriac) is desperate for his daughter Angelique to marry a doctor so that he can receive free treatment. She has fallen in love with someone else. Throw into the mix a scheming servant, a slightly psychotic medical student, a wife on the make, and a troupe of dancing doctors, and you have all the ingredients for a very entertaining evening.

Henry Goodman as the lead is wonderful. Kris Marshall (the son, Nick, from the TV series My Family) plays the romantic suitor of Angelique (Carey Mulligan fresh from her performance as Ada Clare in Bleak House). The Almeida in Islngton is a gorgeous theatre. Students can get £10 seats, and you'll be at no visual disadvantage owing to the intimacy of the theatre. It's on until 17 January. Not to be missed.

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