Saturday, January 21, 2006

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine is a programme due to be aired at 9pm Tuesday on BBC2 about the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and the new scientific evidence that is emerging about this ancient practice forming a more solid argument for its wider use. The programme explores the history of acupuncture and its Chinese origins and demonstrates how the use of acupuncture in China is so mainstream that patients can undergo open heart surgery while fully conscious using this technique.


aj said...

This sounds great but has huge negative implications for patients. What surgeon would operate on a non-paralysed patient?! And imagine the lawsuits resulting from the trauma of surgery. We've heard about it enough in this country where patients are supposedly anaesthetised! Out of interest do acupuncturists need access to the whole body?

aj said...

This was quite a well-executed show, fronted by a professor from Bristol Uni. She tried to present acupuncture, an essentially non-scientific therapy in a scientific way, taking the viewer through the scientific process of research publication, devising a study to test brain activity during certain parts of acupuncture. the results were superficially impressive (one of the studies is here - The handling of the open heart surgery under acupuncture alone impressed this sceptic; quicker recovery times, cheaper cost (especially for the patient - a third of the price of the same op under general anaesthesia in china). I recommend the next two in the series.

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