Thursday, January 12, 2006


I was searching for a frontispiece to my 'patient project', a 3000 word case study on a patient with a chronic condition, when I found this rather nice painting from 1663.

It is entitled 'St Paul Healing the Cripple at Lystra', painted by Karel Dujardin.

The patient project aims to take into account community aspects of chronic conditions, and the interface between primary and secondary care.

It also examines coping mechanisms, family dynamics and ethical aspects, for example end of life decisions.

I am finding my GP attachment to be a much more emotive part of medicine; counselling and communication skills seem paramount. Lots of trivial things but occasionally an eye-opener (which we are supposed to write up as a 'significant event analysis' - finally, some reflection in medicine!). Join the dark side...

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Giskin said...

It's a lovely painting and your project sounds very interesting. I'm pleased to hear about the reflective writing bit -- I did wonder whether that part of our course would really prove useful.