Monday, January 23, 2006


I started my Neurology firm today, with an interesting migraine clinic. Thrust back into the hospital environment from the cosy surroundings of General Practice some adjustment was needed. The consultations I witnessed boggled the mind; doctors interrupting patients (talking about recent bereavement) to ask about symptoms; goodbye 'Ideas, Concerns and Expectations', hello agenda and power. But oddly it worked. The consultant was so knowledgeable that the patients seemed to trust implicitly in him, and to realise he really was quite determined to get to the bottom of their symptoms and alleviate their problem, getting to shared management plans in a roundabout sort of a way.

Sadly cotton-wool General Practice made me forget just how impersonal and downright nasty hospital staff can be to one another, cue arsehole (female) registrar, who made it quite clear I wasn't welcome on the ward round, and that clerking a patient would totally obstruct said ward round. I was sent away but returned with colleagues for bedside teaching (hence the need to clerk a patient). So after waiting for thirty-five minutes, we bleeped the teaching reg: "Oh, I have a clinic today, I'll teach you tomorrow".

Back to earth with a bump. Rant over.

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aj said...

Ok, so I take (some of) it back. Absent Reg turned out to be very nice and gave us bedside teaching today, with an uninhibited stroke patient. Arsehole Reg remains the same, downgrading us to mere evils from the nurse base when loitering on the ward before teaching. So far we haven't met many patients, but have had a lot of teaching, which is fine seeing as my neuro is rusty at best!