Sunday, February 05, 2006

Endoscopy as art?

Nothing like exploring someone's gut for an afternoon's entertainment...

From the blurb:

'The fascinating capsule endoscopy procedure is a completely new technology, for the first time enabling the photographing of the GI passage in its entirety. In a two-part performative demonstration, artist Phillip Warnell will undergo a live capsule endoscopy medical procedure, integrating projected visual material from his project, Host, which makes use of raw material gathered in this way. In part one, and following a period of preparatory fasting, Warnell will ingest an untethered pill sized camera, which will embark on a fantastic voyage through the nine-metre gastro-intestinal tract. In part two, following a period of waiting whilst the capsule progresses via the bodies peristaltic, muscular contractions, the camera’s radio transmissions will be downloaded to a drive and viewed/interpreted by Gastroenterologist Simon Anderson through a unique software interface. '

The project is called ENDO ECTO. It's on 10 February 2006, 3 - 8 pmNash Room, ICA, The Mall, London SW1. Booking essential, limited numbers. £6.00, £4.00 ICAA members
Tickets: 020 7375 3690

Also on at the ICA until 10 February, is a project by MA Birkbeck students called 'The Body Digital: fantasy and function'.


aj said...

Not at all sure about this. I think it's great that procedures can be made more accessible, but the thinly concealed exhibitionism here is off-putting. Lets be honest, however bad these procedures are, they won't be remembered as patients are sedated, and being alone with a care of healthcare professionals takes away a great deal of the embarrassment (e.g. with a colonoscopy).

I'm not quite sure what the motives are here, which is what makes me uneasy. Certainly the 'fascinating voyage' serves to put a spin on what is basically voyeuristic ogle at faecoliths.

If anyone goes I'd love to hear what it's like.

Alice said...

that sounds amazing! I have a scary number of friends with gut issues, I'm sure they'd be fascinated.

vishnuprasath said...

The main advantage of endoscopy is that it can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic (treatment) purposes. Hence endoscopy has become a mandatory investigation in Gastroenterology.