Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jonathan Kaplan on 'Midweek'

Jonathan Kaplan, author of 'The Dressing Station' and now 'Contact Wounds', was interviewed this morning on Midweek on Radio 4. It will be on again at 9.00 pm tonight or you can listen again through the website for a week. 'Contact Wounds' is garnering good reviews, from what I've seen of the press (see here), although the consensus seems to be -- as AJ implied in his review of 'Dressing Station' -- the man still comes across as 'clinically detached' even though he writes autobiographically. There's an interview with him in 'The Times' here.


aj said...

It's always strange to finally see/hear someone whom you have already formed an image of in your mind. Kaplan speaks delicately and lightly, the antithesis of the macho frontline surgeon I had imagined. It does however fit perfectly with his philanthropic musings in The Dressing Station. He is obviously a different kettle of fish to most surgeons - he mentions towards the end of his first book how his cv is unconventional and therefore unappealing to standard medical institutions; I rather like his insightful intelligence and alternative style.

Borscht said...

Would anyone know how to get in touch with Jonathan Kaplan directly? I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to reach him. -- ADM in Prague

Anonymous said...

I'm a big admirer of his work and his books. I'd really like to find a recording of this.