Friday, May 11, 2007

I was rocked!

This time last week an intrepid band of medical students were starting preparations for the third annual '24-Hour Opera'. This is a show prepared and performed over the course of a night and a day. Saturday's show was 'We Will Rock You'. Heaven knows how many cans of Red Bull were consumed during the making of this show, but the performers didn't look as if they were suffering from sleep deprivation. In fact the energy levels rivalled those of my 6-year-old on smarties and Robinson's.

The cast did fantastically. The dance routines were great (well done to our own Tash Wiggins who was the choreographer). Matt Mak revealed talents we would have found ways to exploit on the Medical Humanities course last year had we known he could sing and dance. The band was really amazing -- what a talented bunch of individuals. Did anyone think to invite Brian May? He was spotted in SAFB the other day...

Well done to the directors Claire and Seshi, the backstage crew and everyone else involved. It was a memorable evening, and all for a worthy cause. Funds were raised for Demelza House.

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