Friday, May 04, 2007

Mozart and the Whale

For everyone that attended the meeting of 'Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time', I forgot to mention that there is another book (and film now) that provides more insight into Asperger's Syndrome - particularly the notion that autistic people are drawn together.

The film stars my favourite actress, Radha Mitchell (of 'Neighbours' fame!), and is based on the book by Mary and Jerry Newport. Jerry Newport is an author with Asperger's Syndrome and is also a mathematical savant. The book is a true story of their relationship and has been well received by critics. It is by no means a heavy read and is described more as a "quirky memoir" than anything else.

I am going to get hold of the film asap (since it wasn't actually released in the UK) and will let you know if it is any good. You're more than welcome to come round and watch it with me. Possible future book/film for the Purple Coat Club?


Giskin said...

Sounds really interesting! Thanks for posting this Nad.

Anonymous said...

The film's fantastic, you'll love it. :)