Friday, May 11, 2007

In praise of the reopened Wellcome library

I want to go to the Wellcome.
They make sure it lives up to its name.
It’s clean and it’s neat
The chairs are a treat,
And it makes the BL look lame.

I want to stay at the Wellcome.
No expense has been spared over there.
They’ve Wi-Fi that works,
There are plenty of perks,
The loo paper’s quilted – I swear!

I want to move in to the Wellcome.
Do you think they would give me a place?
Surrounded by books
In one of their nooks,
I wouldn’t take up too much space.

I want to live at the Wellcome.
The service I can’t get at home,
It's so nice the way
At the end of the day
They will tidy away every tome.

It’s bliss over there at the Wellcome.
No papers in teetering piles,
No sticky marks on my screen
Where the children have been –
Whom I guess I might miss after a while…

Perhaps I won’t move to the Wellcome
The problem is food there is banned,
And everyone knows
That one cannot write prose
Without coffee and chocolate to hand.


nad said...

This is so funny! Why do I get the impression you should have been working though instead of writing this? nadx

Giskin said...

Aha, you caught me out! However, why are you reading the blog when I know for a fact you have an exam tomorrow: MY exam! Get back to work Nad!

Anonymous said...

You are a clever poet, must take after your Mom!