Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The invention of health

Oh gosh, I wasn't even aware that medical humanities was a 'space of problematisation'... I'm definitely going along to this to find out what's in that space!

The invention of health: creativity and the medical task: a CSISP seminar

Thursday 17 May 4.30-6.30 Warmington Tower, Room 1204
with Monica Greco Sociology Department, Goldsmiths

In recent years, an increasing number of medical educators have explicitly thematised the relevance of 'creativity' to the medical task. While this movement has gone some way towards addressing the relational dimensions of health, illness and medicine, it has tended to leave unchallenged a number of fundamental ontological assumptions. On the other hand, advocates of a 'successor paradigm' in medicine have explicitly addressed the need for a transformed understanding of the material substrate of health and disease processes, in such a way as to suggest that matter itself can be both creative and subjective. Typically, however, they have stopped short of considering relational constraints at the level of interpersonal and societal interaction. This paper will argue that evidence suggesting a link between health, illness, and creative process is abundant and yet 'anecdotal'. The anecdotal character of such evidence is not accidental, but must rather be regarded as symptomatic of the implications that a processual approach to the medical task would have to envisage as a specific challenge.

Monica Greco joined Sociology at Goldsmiths in 1996 after completing herdoctorate at the European University Institute (Florence). She has along standing interest in how mind/body dualism has been problematisedwithin medical discourse. Her book Illness as a Work of Thought(Routledge, 1998) offers a genealogical analysis of psychosomatic medicine. More recently, her work has turned to the emergence of medical humanities as a space of problematisation. She has published articles in Economy and Society, Health, Theory, Culture and Society and Social Science and Medicine.


Ghost Writer said...

Of course its a problematised space Giskin! But you knew that already. For a controversial take on psychosomatic medicine from a psychoanalytic stance check out Darian Leader and David Corfield's latest book 'Why Do People Get Ill?'Not so much mind/body dualism as dialetical pairing

Giskin said...

Unfortunately this was cancelled at short notice (having schlepped all the way over to Goldsmith's). I hope it will be rescheduled.

Ghost Writer said...

What a shame. Let me know if its reschedules as I am interest in creativity in all areas of life, not just art. The Squiggle Foundatation, which promoted the thinking of D.W. Winnicott is similarly interested in creativty. I'll post something on them when I get a minute.

Anonymous said...

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