Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Big Bother

In the queue in the supermarket today I saw this article in The Sun. It claims Big Brother 7 is under fire from mental health groups Sane and Rethink for 'putting unstable personalities' into the house. We know Pete has Tourette's, and supposedly Lea has Body Dysmorphia, Nikki has been sectioned for anorexia, Shahbaz threatened to kill himself live on TV and Sam, a pre-op transsexual, is vulnerable and paranoid.

With two other contestants having already left the house, it seems this year's menagerie is imploding. Could this be the end for reality TV? Unlikely - I'm sure ratings are higher than ever.


S said...

Some excellent points are made in Emzi Tingay's piece below.

Britons have been watching the mentally-ill as entertainment for centuries.

Back in the day, the mentally-ill were shut away from society. Now they are encouraged to participate on most levels. See 'Care in the Community'.

Exposure on national platforms, such as Big Brother, furthers understanding.

aj said...

Another MSN Health article talking about health issues in the Big Brother House - see it at