Sunday, May 21, 2006

Medical Humanities Conference -- call for papers

The Annual Meeting of the Association for Medical Humanities will be held this year at King’s College London on 4 to 5 September. The two-day conference brings together health-care professionals, artists, writers and scholars. Last year's conference in Cornwall was a great success. The focus of the this year's conference is representation of health and illness. Guest speakers will include John Wiltshire from Latrobe University, Australia, Faith McLellan, Senior Editor of The Lancet New York, Sander Gilman, Emory University, Atlanta, USA and Anne Marie Rafferty, Dean of the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery at King’s College London.

The conference fee for students is £100 for two days (£50 for one day). Booking form here. I would also urge students to submit abstracts for a presentation: there was much talk of the student experience last year but little first-hand evidence from students themselves.

Abstracts should be sent by 31/5/2006 to: Brian Hurwitz, Medicine and the Arts,Department of English, King’s College London, Strand, WC2 2LS. Email:


Ghost Writer said...

I think the dates are 4th and 5th Giskin, not 5th and 6th. Hope to make it along there at least one day.

Giskin said...

Oops! Thanks for putting me right there, Beth. I've corrected it now.