Monday, May 22, 2006

A Surprise Journey to a New Life: India Knight's latest project

Last week's Sunday Times saw India Knight write about Nell, her two year-old daughter with Di George Syndrome.

The response was huge. Thousands of parents wrote in to empathise, curious to know exactly why they and their children continue to remain 'completely invisible' in the mainstream media.

The response inspired Knight to launch 'Something Special', a comprehensive resource to be allocated a spot on The Sunday Times’s website. She intends to have parents using it as a database when seeking practical/peer support on living with a special needs child.

The idea, which is 'elastic', to write to Knight at the e-mail address given below, 'sharing your experiences, voicing your anxieties, passing on your advice' and giving her pointers on what to write about.

The project is open to relatives and friends with considerable experience or understanding of having special needs in their circle.

More details of the project can be found here.

Email if you'd like to get in touch.

Alongside Knight's frank depiction, Emily Perl Kingsley describes exactly what a parent goes through when they find out exactly like to have the child they weren't expecting.


Giskin said...

Thanks for posting this, S. India Knight is a very good writer. It's good to see her sharing her experience. 'Celebrities' are not particularly good at being open about difficulties in their families, yet they can do so much to prevent conditions becoming 'invisible'. Perhaps that's an argument too for applauding Pete on Big Brother.

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