Monday, July 17, 2006

Hosting Grand Rounds

Send us your clippings! We're hosting Grand Rounds for the first time next week, Tuesday 25 July. We welcome submissions from all medical bloggers on any topic, but we're particularly interested in posts with an medicine-and-arts bias (that's arts in the broadest sense of the word). Submitted posts are more likely to be included if they are your own words rather than recycled excerpts from other works.

There are three ways to submit:

(1) E-mail me the link to your post with a brief summary of what it's about.

(2) Submit your link via the carnival blog submission form.

(3) If your blog is registered with The Medical Blog Network, you can submit via this form.

Because we work to British Summer Time, please would you submit your posts by 1 pm EST on Monday (that's 6 pm BST and 5 pm GMT).

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