Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Modified and Medical

A recent visit to the dentist has put yours truly in a quandary. Well, not so much a quandary, but a slightly irritated state brought on by practicality and not much else.

You see, I've got a wisdom tooth poking out in the wrong direction. The tooth is heading towards an operation. Since people rarely have just the one impacted tooth, further procedures may well be required. This means more X-rays and considerable delay to the tongue-web piercing I've been meaning to get for a while.

It's interesting to note the conflicts between the medics and the modifiers, especially when considering both are here to increase the happiness and function of their clients bodies. We can also revert back to the first principles from the WHO definition of health. If beautifying your body in a safe & consensual way is compatible with the definition given, exactly how do ill-educated professionals have a right to make unnecessary comments and decisions such as this and this? What's more galling is that the GMC outlines that first duty of a doctor is to treat, not to judge!

The increasing popularity of body modification, both on the intense and superficial spectra has resulted in doctors needing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the issues involved. Many of the heavier modifications are comparable with cosmetic surgery, such as tongue splitting and transdermal implants.

I have touched upon the physical & legal aspects of the industry here. More pressing progress needs to be made on the psychological front as 'eurgh' and paternalistic behaviour are not acceptable exceptions from empathetically-aware professionals.

Current UK regulations for anatomical and physiological training are lacking beyond the hygiene aspect; certification in these in addition to professional policing should serve to make something so popular more pleasurable for all.

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Dan said...

I once had 5 wisdom teeth surgically removed. I had two in the bottom right side. It was not fun. It wasn't the pain, it was the irrigation. I couldn't believe how much food could get packed into those holes...ick.